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Healthiest Peanut Butter Pie

The healthiest peanut butter pie (for me) is low fat, high flavor, and forged from whole foods. This pie delivers all of that and more. Enjoy for dessert, breakfast, or snack.

I’ve searched high and low for a PB pie recipe that is not only vegan but does not contain 1 cup (a cup!! 16 tablespoons of one of the most calorie-dense foods on Earth!) Unsatisfied, I took things (leftovers) into my hands and blended a delectable peanut butter pie. Perhaps a better title would’ve been “Salted Caramel Coconut Peanut Butter Pie.” But that doesn’t make you drool as much, right? 😉

I’m still not over strawberry season! PB&Berries&Chocolate=A throuple of voluptuous Valentine flavors

This smooth dessert is bursting with flavors and health benefits. High in fiber and protein, you’ll be able to steamroll through your day without missing a beat! It is Starch Solution friendly if that’s your thing. Thank you, Japanese sweet potato♥

The Healthiest Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

Yield: 1 8-inch pie or 3 personal pie pans, such as these heart ones pictured

1. First, pulse all of these ingredients in a food processor for the crust:

  • 1 cup (16g) puffed grain cereal, such as Kamut or Brown Rice
  • 2 tbsp (10g) oats
  • 3 (50g) Medjool dates
  • 1/4 cup (28g) peanuts
  • 1/4 cup (16g) reduced-fat shredded coconut

2. Press into pans and bake for 5 minutes in a 350F oven.

3. Blend all of the filling ingredients in the order listed. Obviously, leave out the chocolate chips and sea salt.


  • 8 oz. (1 cup/230g) silken tofu
  • 1 small (200g raw) Japanese sweet potato, baked for 1 hour*
  • 6 tbsp (32g) powdered peanut butter, such as PBFit
  • 2 tbsp (30mL) sugar-free maple syrup or date paste
  • 1/2 tbsp (5g) maca powder
  • 1/2 tbsp (9g) miso paste**
  • 1 tbsp (15g) chocolate chips + 1/2 tsp coarse sea salt, as a topping

4. Pour the filling into the finished crust(s) and press the chips and sea salt onto the surface. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours. It’s best if chilled overnight! Then you can “indulge” in the healthiest peanut butter pie as your first meal of the day.

INFO DE NUTRITION (per 1/3 full recipe, or 1 MINI pie): 310 calories | 5g fiber | 15g protein (yay!) | 10g fat


*Japanese sweet potatoes are my favorite food, followed only by fresh raspberries. They are muted purple on the outside and have a fleshy, white middle. When poked, wrapped in aluminum foil, and popped in the oven for an hour, they become a vessel for Nature’s Vanilla Pudding.

**This is what gives the pie a salted caramel flavor. Whacko, I know! Yellow or red miso will work, too.

Cover and store stray slices for up to 3 days. But please, eat it all…

Best Dishes,

The Hippie Happy Foodistâ„¢

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