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Hellllloooooo… everybody. I’m Shelby Noshellfish- a pseudonym of course. You can call me the Hippie Happy Foodist. I am much into health food and I have half a brain. If you like making brownies at midnight, write to me and we’ll be chummy. If that quote didn’t make any sense, google the Pina Colada Song. My favorite atomic molecule is HHF (no, not 2 hydrogens and 1 fluorine.) Yes, I consider ma-self a hippie; a modern flower child; a free spirit with big dreams. I love raspberries, berets, cats, and bell bottoms. I don’t love basketball or organized religion, but y’all do y’all. My roots are Southern, but I don’t eat meat. My recipes are, in general, great for your health. No cholesterol or added sugar, ever.

The Hippie Happy Foodist