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ABB Sandwich (PB&J’s Rival!)

Okay, enough temptation. The ABB sandwich combo is just almond butter and blackberries! Not “just,” though. It’s revolutionary. 

Move over, PB&J. You’re nostalgic and unmatched, yes, but let the kids with peanut allergies have some fun. Or, let the adults experiment because supposedly our tastebuds are maturing (never.)

My mom used to sit on her sandwiches to “mesh the flavors.” Bologna, PB&J, grilled cheese, pineapple tuna… didn’t matter. I’ve convinced her to try so many new foods… and she loves my cookie dough toast, but good luck with any fruit except apples. Still, if she does ever sample the heavenly nuttiness of speckled almond butter and tart blackberries, she’ll probably still smother it with her derriere. Y’know, to mesh the flavors.

This isn’t so much a recipe as a food pairing concept. Get creative with it!

I prefer the ABB sandwich (for marketing purposes, I will say it gives you abs,) but you can make toast, wraps, ice cream, etc.

Here’s ABB toast. I served it with tofu bacon and fruit for brekkie:) Oh, and that’s some basic cinnamon toast in the corner. 


Basic ABB Sandwich Recipe

1-2 tablespoons almond butter (24g)

1 tablespoon nondairy milk/creamer or water

The quickest possible dash of almond extract

Pinch nutmeg

Optional but not really: 1 tablespoon vegan protein powder, such as Orgain

1/4 cup blackberries, sliced in half or mashed

2 slices whole-grain bread

  1. Mix the first five ingredients (including protein powder) until you have a fragrant paste.
  2. Depending on ripeness/textural needs, slice the blackberries horizontally like olives. OR mash ’em into a seedy jam.
  3. Assemble the sandwich using bread. (Wow, did I really need to specify that?) Read note below.
  • People make their nut butter + fruit sandwiches however they want, so I’m not going to tell you how to layer the ingredients. I like to add almond butter to both sides, then put the blackberries on top, but choose whatever order the ABB sandwich is telling you.

Nutrition Facts, as prepared above using Ezekiel bread: 370 calories | 18g protein | 15g fat | 30g total carbs | 9g fiber

Whole Foods sells whole grain mini (melba) toast, which is what you see in the cover photo. The additional almond is optional, for presentation purposes only.

Best Dishes,

The Hippie Happy Foodist™

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