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Recent Entrees to Ignite Your Appetite- My Favorite Meals

Here’s a week of groovy grub!

1. A savory brekkie of pizza oatmeal bake and sauteed cabbage tofu scramble, all bolstered by vegan parmesan.


2. Un Clafoutis Aux Cerises– Cherry Brekkie Cake. Think flapjack with a cherry pop-tart taste. I mixed a frosting of soygurt, protein powder, and almond extract, then delicately decorated it with walnuts.


3. Beefless BBQ Brunch…
Spiritual Toast (aka Ezekiel Sesame Sprouted Grain Bread) with a boatload of barbecued waffle iron tofu, a smothering of mustard, and a smattering of sundried tomatoes. The side is slow-smoked zucchini chips. Tastes like a sammy and Lays straight from the BBQ pit! The pickle was sorely missed.


4. Veggie Bahn ME!
A toasted sprouted grain hoagie bun buried in a salad: Marinated, baked tofu squares, orange slices, pickled onions, cucumbers, jalapenos, and a head of cilantro. It don’t taste like soap ter me! (Read in an accent, lest that sounds idiotic.)
4.2 The mountain of veggies toppled into a vat of spicy peanut sauce. Banh Mi Dip recipe lives here: https://thehippiehappyfoodist.com/peanut-edamame-steamy-slaw


5. My Comfort Food- This is one of those meals that fits comfortably into any time of day. Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Giant Snack? You decide. Sweet potato and salted tahini are the closest I have come to enlightenment. This marriage was meant to be, and I have been faithful since our first bite. In the picture, I paired the tahini-tato with a chickpea flour omelet and homemade pickled jalapenos. Sesame seeds starred in more ways than one.


6. Jumpin’, Jivin’ Jackfruit! My sister, a musician, landed the gig of a lifetime a few months back. For privacy’s sake, I won’t specify, but she jammed with a Jamaican reggae group. To celebrate, I cooked these Jamaican Jerk Jackfruit Wraps. I mutilated a mango and added black beans to the simmering mock-meat mix. That lettuce leaf posed perfectly for the camera!  What a diva dinner.


7. Another wrap to wrap up the day. Refried beans (watch for lard,) peppers, lettuce, and homemade dairy-free queso (recipe on its way!) The wraps consist of coconut flour, cauliflower, and olive oil. The green finger things are jalapeno protein crisps. 


Best Dishes,

The Hippie Happy Foodist


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