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Super Healthy Shamrock Shake (and Introduction!)

Super healthy shamrock shake recipe at the bottom!

Hey y’all! Hungry? As with all new blogs, the introduction is the Big Bang. It thrusts the writer into a nebula of vulnerability and the reader into an ultimate decision; to re-visit or keep it a one-click stand. First, I’ll deliver a dash of howdy-doo, followed by a health-conscious copycat of McDonald’s limited-time minty delight; a super healthy shamrock shake!

My life travels along these lines:

No music past the year 2000 (exceptions made for Lindsey Stirling and a select number of Madonna songs.)

Dancing counts as daily exercise.

– BE healthy, don’t ACT healthy.

– Television is research, so study “the classics” long and hard. Looking at you, I Love Lucy and Twilight Zone. 

– Nobody cares about your deep thoughts. Or five thousand photos from the same angle. My posts will showcase two proof-of-testing pictures at max.

– “Flower child” is never an insult.

– Give the guitar at least ten minutes of one-on-one time a day.

– Animals are the most innocent among us. For that reason, I don’t use their bodies or byproducts in my recipes. However, ethics won’t be shoved down your throat, and I always encourage omnivores to try new foods. It’s healthy for everyone, non-human animals or not.

– And the most important mantra: To each their own (cone.) Or cup, in the case of what you are about to read. 50s malt glass recommended. 

Super Healthy Shamrock Shake

Makes 7 cups. Serves 1 hungry hippo (seriously, they love greens.)


2 cups spinach, fresh or frozen (85 grams)

1 four-leaf clover, stems removed*

1/2- 3/4 cup milk of choice, such as almond or hemp

1/4 tsp peppermint extract or fresh mint

1 frozen banana (110 grams)

1.5 cups ice or frozen zucchini

1 scoop of vegan vanilla protein powder, such as Orgain (23 grams or 1/4 cup)

1/4 tsp each: guar and xanthan gum


  • Go outside (weather permitting) and scour your nearest patch of weeds for a quadruple-pronged clover. A three-leaf can be substituted in a pinch, but your shake will lack luck.
  • Blend the spinach, shamrock, mint, and almond milk, then add frozen banana.
  •  Once those five ingredients are creamy, dump half the ice/zucchini in there. Next, layer your protein powder, thickening gums, and remaining ice.
  •  Crank up the blender to high until you can’t hear chunks rattling around anymore. It will churn out six cups of thick, Blizzard-like bliss.
  • Top with cacao nibs, another cute little weed, dairy-free whipped cream, or pistachios to stick with the green theme.

If you’re a numbers nerd: This whole ice cream shake has 230 calories, 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables, plus 10-15 grams of protein. Use a high-protein plant milk such as soy or Ripple to up the calories and… protein, obviously. 

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I did not edit that green. I don’t know how!

I’m bowing and shaking behind the screen. Thank you for indulging this intro, and I hope you relish my debut dessert while others watch with emerald envy. More posts are to come, finger traffic or not. 

Best Dishes,

The Hippie Happy Foodist™

*This ingredient is satirical. Do not put an actual shamrock in your shake.


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