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Scavenger Steps 2

Scavenger Steps 2: Ignore Your Surroundings?!

Let me explain. As far as most students, parents, teachers, and office workers are concerned, August doesn’t count as summer. It’s Back-To-School Awareness Month. Even if you’re out of school (which, if you’re reading this, you probably are,) the sounds and sights of educational institutions can bring back mixed emotions. A shrill bell might trigger memories of tests, bullies, and sweaty locker rooms. Let’s not dread what comes in three weeks. As cliche, as it sounds, focus on the now. Tune OUT of the school supply displays in stores. Switch off the teacher talk on the radio. Have a bash before the BS of the school year kicks in. Look forward to the positives of fall! Beautiful apples will return.

It’s okay to be silly. You are not less of an adult for doing yoga in public or talking to yourself. Mind ya own business and others should follow. If they don’t, they are the insecure ones.

Scavenger Steps 2

  1. Write a short compliment before you set out. It can be generic or personalized. Take that and a Sharpie with you.
  2. Stay Grounded with the Ground: Stand on a sidewalk square, patch of dirt, or safe spot on the road. Close your eyes and pretend your feet are sinking into the earth. Slowly squat until your posterior brushes the cement. Are you in quicksand, lava, or a fluffy cloud? Pick your place and hold a squat for 1 minute (it will start to burn! So maybe imagine a volcano after all.)
  3. King Chicken Walk: Okay, so these are lunges. But they’re funny, fancy lunges! Take giant steps with your hands under your arms and crow. Be sure to bend your knees for the whole block.
  4. Leave your note in someone’s flowerbox or on their doorstep with a rock. Draw a smiley face, a heart, or a sun on the rock.
  5. Count your steps until you reach 700.
  6. Pick a flower (weeds included) and stick it in your hair or wear it as a corsage.
  7. Flirt with a tree branch in the wind. When the leaves rustle at you, wave in kind.
  8. Find a long twig or branch and hold it on your shoulder. Whistle/hum “Hit the Road, Jack,” and pretend you’re a vagabond.
  9. Hide in some bushes and hold a tree pose for 30 seconds.
  10. Zigzag walk back to your house/work with a blade of grass above your lip like a mustache.

If you missed the first one… try it out here.

Best Swishes,

The Hippie Happy Fitness-ist

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