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Scavenger Steps #1

Congratulations for starting Scavenger Steps #1! Scavenger Steps is meant to motivate you to move and meditate! Take 10-20 minutes out of your wackadoodle day to tap into the present moment and tick off natural “treasures.” A peace sign marks the spot!

13 is NOT an unlucky number here! This ain’t a tough workout, but it’s better than nothing and your mental health will thank you.

Scavenger Steps #1- Work Time-Out

Warm-up: Squat into a low frog pose. Which animals can you hear? Note at least one by writing it on a Post-it or scrawling it with sidewalk chalk. Roll up into a standing position, breathing only from your nose. Too much inhalation leads to light-headedness, which is not a great way to start your walk!

  1. Find a leaf, dead or alive, and name it. Keep your new pal with you until the end of the “hunt.”
  2. Skip like a little kid for half a block, waving your leaf in the air because you don’t care.
  3. Locate a rock and kick it for one block or the length of a street.
  4. Blow on a piece of grass to play a kazoo-like note. It takes tons of practice, but maybe one day you will be one with the green flute.
  5. Time for tasting! Squeeze some flower nectar or SAFE berries into your mouth.
  6. Dissect a dandelion: Blow off its bouffant, squish the eye, and slit the stem open with your nail. Have you ever noticed how the inside of a dandelion stem looks like Elmer’s glue?
  7. Do a cartwheel or a 30-second plank on a patch of grass.
  8. Hug a tree, any tree. Hold it. Bring it in.
  9. Allow a bug to land on you for 10 seconds. Put yourself in the insect’s shoes- I mean, antennae.
  10. Do an arabesque against a stop sign or other metal pole.
  11. Try to juggle 2-3 pinecones.
  12. Build a flower/weed crown and wear it as you speed-walk back to your starting place.
  13. Pat yourself on the back and kiss your leafy friend goodbye.
Save this to your exercise/get movin’ board!

Need a little fuel beforehand? Try a blueberry cinnamon mocha shake.

It’s got carbs, protein, and caffeine- perfect to light you on fire;)



  1. I absolutely love this scavenger walk idea and can’t wait to implement 🥰

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