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Five Ukrainian Bell Carols: A Comprehensive Ranking

Top Five Ukrainian Bell Carols: A Comprehensive Ranking

Ukrainian Bell Carol is more commonly known as Carol of the Bells, and I guarantee you’ve heard it. Those three telltale notes are hypnotic and awe-striking. A genius named Mykola Leontovych first came up with the formula, paving the pathway for many creative liberties to come. We must get Mr. Leontovych under some mistletoe and deliver all the thankful kisses he deserves.

I absorb this song year-round so that somehow qualifies me to bestow a Hippie Happy Favorite award upon five versions. Christmas music is the most covered genre (because it is a genre,) but I had no trouble narrowing it down.

Oh, and yes, I’m aware of how off-topic this blog post is. I live for the M’s (Music, Munchies, Meowing, Movies, Moo-moos, and “Monk.”) Food is but one dimension of my internal universe. Plus, it’s my blog and I’ll publish random lists if I want to! Please read that to the tune of the quintessential Leslie Gore hit.

The Best Carols of the Bells (Top 5 Ukrainian Bell Carols)

*Note: Some of these artists changed the name of the piece, but the main theme still stands.

  1. George Winston- Prelude/Carol of the Bells– RIP George! I saw him in concert last December, front row seats, beaming the entire time. This takes the top spot thanks to his Prelude, a two-page introduction that only adds to the mystery and majesty of this piece.
  2. Lindsey Stirling- Carol of the Bells- Shred that violin, girl! I mean that in the most positive way. Her rendition is my favorite surprise from the radio. The music video makes it ten times more magical, but you won’t be able to stay sad or sedentary when listening to it.
  3. David Foster- Carol of the Bells- As my musical mom puts it, “This is the best example of a Crescendo I have ever heard.” For non-practicing, appreciation-only listeners, a crescendo is the melodic equivalent of a crashing wave. It starts light and quiet, then rolls into (a) larger, loud note/notes. David Foster is a music producer and power composer, and his key-changing, major-incorporating riff on the classic Christmas ditty is venerable.
  4. Trans-Siberian Orchestra- Christmas Eve/Saravejo- Your ears can see the green and red flames. I went to a TSO concert many moons ago but was rather “out of it” at the time, so all I remember is the metallic blow-out vibe. Their interpretation of the piece took on a new name and a different role in the holiday hall of fame. It’s great for working out and unleashing your inner beast. Become the abominable snowman when listening to this stop-drop-and-rock number.
  5. Ray Conniff & His Singers- Ring Christmas Bells- Not to be confused with the Home Alone version, this older gem will quench your holly “horror” thirst. From the unchanging bell background and rustling percussion to the jaw-dropping, dissonant ending, you’ll be haunted and yet yearning for a second aural helping.

Today marks the first of the Twelve Days of Christmas (1/12, for the fraction lovers.) DON’T FORGET TO TURN ON THE MUSIC! Okay, more food posts coming soon;)

Best Dishes  Ding-Dong-Ding,

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