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Protein Chocolate Bar- Not the Other Way Around

A Protein Chocolate Bar- here’s my late Christmas gift to you! And no, this is NOT a chocolate-flavored protein bar. It’s a real chocolate bar. Like Hershey’s. But with protein. And no added sugar.

Fun fact: unsweetened cocoa powder has more protein than fat and more fiber than both. This is an underrated health food if consumed in mOdErAtIoN. Carob is a good substitute if you are sensitive to caffeine, although it is lighter… almost milky.

Protein Chocolate Bar (with a bite taken out…)

Note: I am NOT a gym person. Dancing and fun, themed weight training are my movements of choice. Don’t lump me in with the obsessive exercisers, please. Just watch your caloric intake and try to avoid the sedentary rut.

Protein Chocolate Bar (Muscle “Milk” Chocolate)

Yield: 1 LARGE bar (about 7 inches long, 3 inches wide.)


  • 2 tablespoons (1 oz. or 30g) low-sugar chocolate chips*
  • 1/2 oz. unsweetened dark chocolate (1 large square of 14g)
  • 1 scoop (23g) Orgain chocolate protein powder**
  • Parchment paper or silicon mold


  • In a medium bowl, melt the chocolate chips in the microwave in 20-second intervals.
  • When the chocolate chips are starting to homogenize but are still somewhat separate, add the unsweetened baker’s chocolate and blast it again.
  • Once fully melted/pourable BUT NOT BURNT, stir in the protein powder. It will thicken into a cooked brownie-like dough. Plop it into a long piece of parchment paper and flatten that sucker into a bar shape. Smooth the top with another piece of parchment, and refrigerate the whole thing for at least 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can smush the chocolate into a silicone mold of your desired design.

INFO DE NUTRITION: 255 calories | 19g fat | 4g net carbs (9g fiber) | 13g protein

*I use Whole Foods 365 no-sugar-added chocolate chips. They’re 62% cocoa and sweetened with stevia + erythritol.

**If you’re up for it, try the peppermint hot cocoa flavor from Orgain! I love the ingredients/nutrition profile of this company, but am not paid by them.

I realize this is higher in fat, but the idea is to eat half of the bar and save some for later! “Rich” does not do this snacky dessert justice!

Best Dishes,

The Hippie Happy Foodist™

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